Haiku and Haiga

Since 2012 my haiku and haiga have been published in a variety of online journals, print journals and other print collections.

In October 2016 I participated in the annual Seabeck Haiku Getaway. I am one of the foundation members of the Inkstone Poetry Forum, where poets gather online to workshop haiku, tanka and related forms.

Online journals

WA Poets Inc Creatrix

Issue #39 Haiku (December 2017)

the sound of rain

Kakadu billabong –

Issue #37 Haiku(June 2017)

masked lapwings

Autumn Moon Haiku

Volume 1:1

one leaf left


17.1 1 June 2017

traffic hum

World Haiku Review August 2017

Shintai Haiku

hint of breeze

Neo Classical Haiku

a breeze stirs

9th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest

Selected Haiku Submissions Collection July 2017

(page 56 in the PDF)

  • willow moon
  • in straw sandals

Muse India - Triveni

Issue 65 January 2016


  • Sydney summer
  • the aroma
  • winter sunshine

Shiki Kukai

November 2015

Kigo Theme: Bird

  • snowflake lilies ...

 A Hundred Gourds

5:1 December 2015


dusk a buzz

4:4 September 2015

persimmon juice

4:3 June 2015

carillon bells...

4:2 March 2015

back home

4:1 December 2014

tonight's vigil

3:4 September 2014


the fence sags

3:3 June 2014

the sound of surf [haiga]

3:1 December 2013

rainbow lorikeets

2:4 September 2013

bat chatter

2:3 June 2013

cricket on the radio

2:2 March 2013

sunlight stripes

2:1 December 2012

distant thunder

indigo clouds

cutting through [haiga]

1:4 September 2012

steam train whistle

1:3 June 2012

lily's scent

Other Writing

A Dancing Fool in Tokushima in "Foreign & Far Away: Writers Abroad Anthology 2013"

Yokohama Echo articles: