Haiku and Haiga

Since 2012 my haiku and haiga have been published in a variety of online journals, print journals and other print collections.

In October 2016 I participated in the annual Seabeck Haiku Getaway. I am one of the foundation members of the Inkstone Poetry Forum, where poets gather online to workshop haiku, tanka and related forms.

Australian Haiku Society 2019 Autumn Equinox haiku string

morning traffic queue...

leaves gather

a currawong drinks

Online journals

Echidna Tracks

Issue 2, 2019

Kimberley coast

wind song

coal train—

Issue 1, 2018

demolition site

a young magpie

moonless night

wrought-iron lace

WA Poets Inc Creatrix

Issue #44 Haiku (March 2019)

misty rain

Issue #43 Haiku (December 2018)

warm bed

Issue #41 Haiku (June 2018)

tea for two

Issue #40 Haiku (February 2018)

broken pot—

Issue #39 Haiku (December 2017)

the sound of rain

Kakadu billabong –

Issue #37 Haiku(June 2017)

masked lapwings

Australian Haiku Society 2017 Winter Solstice haiku string

the drips

wading through Tunnel Creek

winter solstice

The Heron's Nest

Volume XXI Number 1 (2019)

heat shimmer

Volume XX Number 3(2018)

lingering summer

Volume XX Number 1(2018)

buttongrass moor

The Mamba

Issue 7 March 2019

stinging red sand

baking heat

river dawn...

(page number 58 in the PDF)

Autumn Moon Haiku

Volume 1:2 June 2018

summer dusk,

without a sound

Volume 1:1 December 2017

one leaf left


18.1 7 June 2018

rugged hillside

17.1 1 June 2017

traffic hum

World Haiku Review August 2017

Shintai Haiku

hint of breeze

Neo Classical Haiku

a breeze stirs

9th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest

Selected Haiku Submissions Collection July 2017

(page 56 in the PDF)

  • willow moon
  • in straw sandals

Muse India - Triveni

Issue 65 January 2016


  • Sydney summer
  • the aroma
  • winter sunshine

Shiki Kukai

November 2015

Kigo Theme: Bird

  • snowflake lilies ...

A Hundred Gourds

5:1 December 2015


dusk a buzz

4:4 September 2015

persimmon juice

4:3 June 2015

carillon bells...

4:2 March 2015

back home

4:1 December 2014

tonight's vigil

3:4 September 2014


the fence sags

3:3 June 2014

the sound of surf [haiga]

3:1 December 2013

rainbow lorikeets

2:4 September 2013

bat chatter

2:3 June 2013

cricket on the radio

2:2 March 2013

sunlight stripes

2:1 December 2012

distant thunder

indigo clouds

cutting through [haiga]

1:4 September 2012

steam train whistle

1:3 June 2012

lily's scent

Other Writing

A Dancing Fool in Tokushima in "Foreign & Far Away: Writers Abroad Anthology 2013"

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